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Getting Organized

My Care Companion Handbook

As a new patient you will be provided with a RMOC cancer care handbook. This handbook is designed to help you navigate through the intricacies of cancer care every step of the way from the initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up care after therapy. You will find information about the treatments and services offered at RMOC, important contact numbers, tips for interacting with your physicians, logs for tracking your treatments, and other patient support materials. We hope this will allow you to collect and organize all of your cancer care materials in one place. Keep them handy for use at home, and bring them along to your doctor visits and other medical appointments.

Maintain a list of important contacts

Store contact information for your doctors, caregivers and others who are supporting you during your treatments.

Health and treatment history

Keep accurate records of your treatments, scans and medications. This will allow you to provide any member of your health care team with correct information about your treatment history.

Download Treatment Log

Download Imaging Log

Download Medication Log

Download Medication Allergies Log

Download Physician Appointment Log


Keep a daily, weekly and monthly calendar to help you organize test dates and times, treatment schedules, physician appointments and follow-up appointments.

Side effects and symptoms

Document your side effects, including the type, severity and how they were managed.

Download Symptoms Log


Record patient information about your insurance policies all in one place

Download Insurance Form


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