Sam Carrick
Patient Navigator

Role of Patient Navigator

Sam is a crucial member of your care team. She is like the conductor of an orchestra. She brings all the pieces together to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page. She guides you and your family through the treatment process so you focus on healing.  Sam will:

  • Answer questions and provide information about financial resources, support groups, transportation, psychological support, wellness services and more
  • Ensure and coordinate timely access to appropriate care
  • Identify barriers to care and find resources for you
  • Empower the entire team to provide the best care possible
  • Be a friend who will hold your hand through your journey

“My mom and I are both survivors so I know what it feels like to find out you or a loved one has cancer. Working here is like a ministry for me. I want to make sure our patients and families understand that it’s not a scary place; it’s hope-filled.”