“Telemedicine is an exciting way to reach out to our patients and improve care without them having to come into our office.”
– Robert Tobin, MD


New telemedicine technology brings our comprehensive and compassionate care even closer to your home. You can now schedule follow-up appointments using live video-conferencing, similar to Skype or FaceTime, but in a secure medical setting. This technology allows us to communicate with you face-to-face and to share radiology images, including PET/CT scans, and lab results on the screen.

You’ll find the experience as warm and friendly as your in-person visit with the added convenience of being at a clinic closer to home. Telemedicine shortens your travel distance and time, lowers your travel expenses and can improve your outcome by giving you better access to our medical team.

Telemedicine is used for follow-up appointments only. New patients consultations are only scheduled in person.

Contact our Patient Navigator to schedule a telemedicine appointment with your oncology care team. Sam will find a participating clinic or hospital facility nearest to your home with telemedicine capability and make the necessary arrangements for your appointment.
Please arrive at the scheduled facility 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time to check in. Make sure you remind the receptionist that you are scheduled for a telemedicine appointment with Rocky Mountain Oncology.
A local staff member will take you into an exam or conference room that is equipped with the telemedicine video conferencing technology. The staff member will sign you into the appointment session to connect you to your oncology care team.
Once you are connected, the staff member may remain in the room during your visit to assist with any requests your oncology care team might have. If you have family members or a friend with you, they are welcome to participate.
The appointment will seem as if you were in person with your oncology care team — including going through labs, looking at radiology images on the screen and addressing any concerns.