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In-Office Dispensary

For your convenience, we offer in-office dispensary of medications.


People who love and care about you want to know how you’re doing but it can be overwhelming to respond to all of the people who want to hear your story. With CaringBridge you can keep everyone informed, rally support and focus on healing.

  • Create your own personal blog
  • Share updates, photos and videos with people who care about you
  • Coordinate help and support from family and friends
  • Control who has access to your site with customized privacy settings

CaringBridge is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization whose mission is to bring together a global community of care powered by the love of family and friends in an easy, accessible and private way.

Get Started

Go to CaringBridge. Click on “Start a Site” and follow the easy directions. Tell your friends and family about your CaringBridge website.

Advanced Cancer Planning

Fortunately we are able to cure and extend life for most patients but it’s natural with a cancer diagnosis to evaluate your life and consider “what if.”  This may be a good time to organize your affairs and communicate your end-of-life wishes to your loved ones regardless of your prognosis.

If Something Should Happen is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or printed off and includes documents to help direct legal, medical and financial affairs. Organizational forms are provided to help loved ones locate critical papers and understand which matters are important to you. If Something Should Happen helps ensure that your wishes will be followed. If Something Should Happen is an excellent tool for anyone (not only cancer patients) to communicate important information to family/loved ones regarding legal, financial and medical affairs.

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  Their website if full of stories that inspire us and remind us how important it is to have this difficult conversation. A Starter Kit can be downloaded to help you get your thoughts together to prepare for a clear and meaningful conversation with your loved ones. The Conversation Project focuses on goal-setting for end of life, which is critical for patients and families.

Advanced Directives forms for Wyoming can be downloaded. The forms must be notarized.